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Lucky 88 is one of the most recent and popular slot games in Australia and across the world. Online or land-based casinos, slots are one of the most attractive and addictive casino games available today.

One of the trending online casino games, Lucky 88 was developed by the revolutionary game developer, Aristocrat Technologies. Quite a recent one, it was developed in 2008. The slot has an Asian or Oriental theme in almost all its prominent features like the sound effects, symbols, fonts used in the game, etc. Chinese superstitions consider the number 8 lucky. Hence, Lucky 88 represents the double fortune or luck awaiting the players.

Lucky 88 Slot Pokie Machine Rules

The online game is spun around the theme of luck or good fortune and has no solid storyline to pique interest though. Lucky 88 has 5-reels with 25 paylines and a relatively simple and easy to navigate gaming interface, making it even more appealing for players of all ages.  

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Medium- High

Lucky 88 has an RTP of 95.6%. RTP is the percentage return. So if a player wants to wager $100, the player can earn a return of $96 approximately. The higher the RTP the more appealing the pokie becomes.

The slot game rules are as follows:

  • All the prize winnings are paid from left to right, except scatters;
  • Only the highest payline is awarded;
  • Any scatter wins are added to the payline wins;
  • If you are considering substitute wins, you need to multiply by a minimum of 2x and extend up to 88x.

Play Lucky 88 Pokie Online Free

What is even more fun is that Lucky 88 has a free download version, unlike several online casino games. In addition to that, there are also numerous online casinos where one can play the game for free (like through a website).

The various symbols in the pokies Lucky 88 are:

  • Fu, A Chinese God
  • Red lantern
  • Golden lion
  • White crane
  • Golden statue
  • Pagoda
  • Ceremonial drum

Play Lucky 88 Pokie for Real Money

Apart from being available for free play online, the pokies Lucky 88 can be played with real money as well. The minimum wager to be placed is $0.01 and the maximum possible wager is $4.

The online slot can be played for real money only in countries like the UK and numerous other European countries. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable to those residing in the USA or Canada.

Though Lucky 88 does not have any progressives it does not disappoint the players and has a few exclusive bonus features that are exciting enough and can increase one’s chances of winning.

Lucky 88 Slot

Bonuses & Free Spins

One of the attractive features of any online casino game is the free bonus elements since they always increase the winning chances for players. Lucky 88 is filled with such exciting bonuses. It features both a wild as well as a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Red Lantern and this appears repetitively on the reels and triggers free bonuses. These bonuses could be either free spins (up to a maximum of 25) or a game of dice. The player mandatorily has to choose either one of the bonus options to move ahead in the game.

 The specific game bonuses are as follows:

  • 25 free spins with a multiplier of 5 or 18 (when the wild symbol appears)
  • 18 free spins with a multiplier of 8 or 38 (when the wild symbol appears)
  • 8 free spins with a multiplier of 18 or 88 (when the wild symbol appears)
  • 4 free games with a multiplier of 88

Yet another distinctive feature about Lucky 88 pokies is that while most slots only have a single bonus game structure, Lucky 88 slots provide four. The best part is that a player can choose the type of free spins and also has a special dice-based bonus.

Similarly, the game also has an Extra Choice or Power Pay. The Extra Choice can enhance the player’s chances of winning. In short, the game is ideal for anyone looking for an online casino game that has high winning chances.  

In the bonus game of dice, the players are entitled to cash gifts when the dice roll totals to the number 8. So much for the lucky number 8 in Chinese!

How to win on the Lucky 88 Slot machine

Spun around a mystical and Oriental theme, Lucky 88 with its 25 payline slots has higher chances of making winning combinations. The slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines, Lucky 88 is a perfect game suitable for both low and high stake players. What the game lacks in extravagant high-end graphics and booming sound effects, it makes up for it in free spins and bonuses.

The players can wager on any number of paylines or a single one. To win the game, players need to create or match up winning combinations. The various symbols are reminiscent of Asian or Chinese culture specifically and features- golden lions, cranes, drums, pagoda, Chinese lamps, as well as the face value cards A. K, Q. J, 10, 9.

The game features a wild as well as a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is characterized by a red lantern and the wild symbol is represented by the Chinese God of Luck. As is the case in most popular slots, the wild symbol can replace all the other symbols except the scatter.

The players looking to play some of the most advanced and visually attractive slot games could be disappointed by Lucky 88. However, of being a humble one in terms of graphics and sound, the game does have a cult following and masses of players.


A slot machine game (or pokies) that has raving online reviews, Lucky 88 is one of the prominent pokies featuring even in casinos of Las Vegas and Macau. The game has a payout of approximately 90%.

The online pokies, Lucky 88 can be enjoyed and played by players across the globe. The game can be accessed through mobile devices as well as desktops and supports various operating systems seamlessly.


Can Lucky 88 be played for free online?

Yes, Lucky 88 has a free download version. In addition to it, there are also numerous online casinos where players can play the game for free. In fact for the love of the popular game, there are several websites and online casinos in Australia that allow players to play the game without even requiring registration.

Do the pokies have free spins as a bonus?

Yes. Free bonuses are often one of the most attractive features of any game. Lucky 88 has a huge number of free spins (up to a maximum of 25) or a game of dice, given to the players. In order to proceed, the player has to select either one of the bonus options.

Does the slot Lucky 88 have progressive jackpots?

No, Lucky 88 has no progressive jackpots. The prominent feature of the pokies is the free spins and bonuses, which are alluring enough to get a huge fan following. To make up for progressives and their cash-winning possibilities, there are daily jackpots.

Can Lucky 88, be played for real money?

Yes, the online pokie Lucky 88 can be played for real money though only in select countries. The pokie can be played for real money in countries like the UK and numerous other European countries. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable to those residing in the USA or Canada.

Where to play Lucky 88 online for free?

There are numerous websites offering online casino games like Lucky 88 for free play. All of these websites offer a free download option as well, ensuring that players get an online as well as offline playing convenience.

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